Having structural problems is homeowner’s worst nightmare. When left unrepaired, they only grow worse over time until the soundness of your home comes into question. The last thing you want to do is move your family to a temporary residence until an engineer can take time to repair the foundation to make your home safe once more.

The first step in knowing if your home suffers from foundation problems is spotting the signs. These could range anywhere from cracks in the walls to windows and doors not opening and closing like they should. Another popular sign is an uneven floor that slants to one side or one that has a bow or depression down the center.

Foundation Repair and Market Value

When buying a home, you might find one that had foundation work done in the past. As long as this work was completed by a reputable structural engineer, then the home should be a safe place for you to reside with your family. Always research the company that did the work before buying the house.

If you are selling your home, on the other hand, then you might be concerned about how foundation repair will affect the market value. When repaired by a reputable contractor, the foundation of your home is treated as if it is stronger than before the repairs were performed. Here are some other things to consider:

  • Laborers – Do the people doing the labor actually work for the repair company, or are they subcontractors hired by a structural engineer?
  • Equipment – Does the contractor or engineering company own the equipment used to repair your foundation, or do they rent it from another source?
  • Supervisors – Will the supervisor remain on site during the completion of the work, or does an unsupervised crew come out to do the job on their own?
  • References – Always check out the references of the foundation company, both with the Better Business Bureau and through social media, like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Warranty and Insurance – The warranty is only as valid as the reputation of the company offering it. Try to select a company that has been in business for 25 years, minimum and that can produce insurance certificates upon request.

As you keep the warranty paperwork on your foundation repair, then your home should be just as marketable when you decide to sell as it was when you bought it.

New Homes and the Risk of Foundation Problems

It is not only older homes that have foundation problems, though. Sometimes brand new homes or ones that are just a few years old can develop hairline cracks and other problems. Always call a foundation repair specialist for advice when you see these signs.