It starts with a leaky basement or mold in your crawlspace. Perhaps you see a crack between the cinderblocks in your foundation, or you notice that doors and windows do not close as they should. The next thing you know, you are calling around on the phone or searching online for the best foundation repair service to fix the problem.

Unfortunately choosing the wrong repair service can be as bad if not worse than failing to hire someone at all. That is why you should take the following steps when looking around for the right structural engineering person to come out and talk to you about the existing damage to your foundation as well as the best ways to fix it.

  • It is okay to get more than one estimate. This will give you the opportunity to compare materials, terms, and prices between the various companies.
  • Be sure to ask friends, neighbors, and family members who they recommend. If you live in a subdivision where the houses were all built by the same contractor, then you might want to call their office – especially if your home is new and may still be under warranty.
  • In addition to the company’s Better Business Bureau ratings and reviews, look at the company’s website and social media pages. Many times customers will turn to these sources to share praise or problems as well.
  • Ask about the company’s experience and credentials. For example, are they a member of reputable organizations such as the Foundation Repair Association?
  • If a company puts a lot of pressure on you to make a decision the same day that they give you a consultation, then it is often a red flag to take a more careful look at the proposal, or even have it looked over by an independent contractor.
  • Read over any and all paperwork careful before signing on the dotted line. If you have any questions or concerns about the terms and conditions, then after you sign could be too late to back out.

The Dangers of Hiring the Wrong Company

You might save a few dollars by hiring a cheaper company, but hiring the wrong company to do your foundation repair job can mean big trouble. They are less likely to respect the landscaping around your home, including special features like ponds, or your sprinkler system.

They could quit in the middle of the job. If they do finish the job, the work could be done improperly. They could delay or altogether fail to honor warranty issues, and they may even dispute problems entirely – even ones covered by warranties. However you can avoid these problems by doing your homework and asking the right questions.