Have you noticed puddles forming in your basement? Do you have waterfront property thanks to the lake on your front lawn after every rainstorm? You don’t need a fancy science degree to figure out that these are signs of drainage problems, which could lead to bigger issues if left untreated.
Sadly not all drainage problems are this obvious to spot. However if you follow tips from the professionals, then you can learn to recognize the subtler signs of drainage issues. Catching small problems before they turn into major catastrophes can save you a lot of time and money.  Here are five subtle signs of drainage problems, and some information about each one.
1. Overflowing Gutters – If your gutters overflow with rain water, then it could be a simple case of leaves and twigs backing up the downspout. At the very worst, you might need new gutters, which is still cheaper than putting out for new siding or windows damaged by the excess moisture.
2. Dumping Downspouts – Is your downspout dumping gallons upon gallons of water along the side of your house? Consider an investment in gutter extensions to carry the water 5 to 10 feet away from the structure. Otherwise you could wind up paying out tens of thousands of dollars for a new foundation.
3. Cracked Foundation – All foundations are prone to minuscule cracks over time. It’s a natural part of geological shifting and your house settling onto the land. If cracks continue to widen, call a structural engineer as soon as possible to rule out a drainage problem.
4. Mildew in the Attic – How can a ground water problem affect the attic? You may be surprised, but it can. Moisture from the basement can rise through your family’s home and condense on the attic ceiling, on the underside of the roof. The good news is, it could just be hot air blowing into the attic from a bathroom fan that causes the issue.
5. Traveling Gravel or Mulch – When a drainage issue exists on the property around your home, it often causes gravel and mulch to travel to sections of the driveway or yard where they do not belong. Get a landscaper to create a ditch that redirects water away from your house. If you don’t, then you could find yourself having a concrete patio re-poured or redoing walkway pavers.
When you own a home, you want to enjoy living there. The last thing you want is the headache and heartache of shelling out a small fortune for a problem that could have been prevented if you’d only noticed the signs. If you see any of the above signs of drainage issues, then call an expert as soon as possible to rule them out.