Certain months of the year get more precipitation than others. Heavy downfalls on lawns unprepared to take the extra hydration can lead to substantial problems around your lawn and inside your home. Believe it or not, the damage can happen in as little as a few mere hours.

However even poorly constructed drain systems can flood out or get washed out if enough rain falls within a short amount of time. In theory every homeowner’s yard would have a perfectly graded lot that allowed storm water runoff to flow to the curb where it could disappear into a storm drain. Sadly that is not always the case.

There are two primary types of drainage systems. They include:

  1. SURFACE DRAINS – These drains solve the problem of water that puddles on the surface of your property. It is, basically speaking, a gravel-filled trench that redirects water away from trouble spots.
  2. UNDERGROUND DRAINS – This type of solution offers a site-wide plan involving an underground sump, or area beneath the surface of the ground that is packed with gravel to hold water until it seeps into the earth.

Benefits of Drainage Systems to Homeowners

Having a drainage system offers many benefits that can save your property and the structures upon it, including your family’s home. The primary benefit of a drainage system is that it takes care of potential problems caused by storm water runoff can help prevent them from happening on the first place.

A drainage system can also reduce the risk of flooding, which is what happens when water puddles up due to having reached a “dead end” area. Flooding in your yard can wash out expensive landscaping features and plants. In a basement, it can ruin your personal belongings and create an environment ripe for mold and mildew.

Having a drainage system installed by a professional can increase your property value if you ever plan to put your home on the market by listing with a realtor. Having a drainage system installed tells people you care about your property and you want it to be a safe environment for your family, and that it is most likely a safe place for their loved ones as well.

Finding an Installer

When it comes to choosing someone to install your drainage system, you want to make sure that the end result of the installation project is as aesthetic as it is functional. Go online and check out the company’s social media profile. Are there any reviews from past customers? What about photographic or video samples of work the company did for past customers? After you’ve done your research, then you are ready to hire a pro, which is the first step in eliminating storm water runoff issues.