Dallas ZOo

Today’s zoos offer so much more than an opportunity to look at different species of animals. The Dallas Zoo provides that, but also does so much good work toward the education of visitors and the preservation of species and the natural world. When you visit and pay for your affordable tickets, rest assured that you are helping support a quality institution that truly makes a difference.

Zoo Animal Exhibits

Spread out over 106 acres, the Dallas Sue offers an amazing variety of different animal species from ecosystems all over the Earth. They encompass the wild African savanna, steamy South American rain forests, and Outback in Australia. Whether you love big cats, long snakes, brightly colored frogs or butterflies, massive elephants, exotic birds, or playful penguins, you will find your curiosity satisfied and your smile growing ever wider.

Up Close and Personal

During your visit, do not miss out on some of the unique feeding opportunities that happen throughout the day. You and your kids can offer vegetables to a giraffe, seeds to the birds, and watch the zookeepers and animal experts feed other species while giving educational talks.

Educational Opportunities

As mentioned above, the best zoos and wildlife parks today focus on educating visitors so they can better appreciate the wild world. This special place in Dallas, Texas is no different. Besides scheduled talks and shows specifically geared toward children, you can also experience a variety of wild encounters with small mammals, reptiles, and birds. A resident cheetah named Winspear will even give a demonstration of this specie’s “fastest land animal on earth” designation.

Other Attractions for Families

Dear kids need a break from walking? Buy a ticket for the T Rex Express mini train that chugs around near the Herpetarium to the north. Stop at the Endangered Species carousel for another spot a fun. The whole family can get on board the Adventure Safari Monorail that glides over some of the more popular animal exhibits for a unique viewing opportunity. Don’t forget to check out this place in Dallas too.

If you want more involvement in the world animals and the environment, consider signing your young children up for the Wild Earth Preschool. This full-time educational opportunity combines everything you would want from a preschool with unique opportunity to explore it appreciate the wild world. Day, spring, and summer sleep away camps are also available. For the adults, conservation expeditions to nearby Texas locations and Botswana, Africa offer you more hands on opportunities.

The Dallas Zoo wants to make your visit as memorable as possible. It offers a well-stocked gift shop to purchase memorabilia and support zoo and its conservation efforts. You can grab a meal at the Prime Meridian Café, take a break for a cup of coffee, or choose the Serengeti Grill near the lions and elephants. The seasonal Bantu Barbecue gives you Texas-style meals the whole family can enjoy. You can even bring your own picnic and relax on the grass before exploring more of all the wonderful things the Dallas Zoo has to offer. If you are ever in need of foundation repair, click here.


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